Story of the Brand, how it started, and How it is going.

Dear Readers,

I’m here to let you know about my past experience as an entrepreneur after high school, being from a middle-class, non-business background family.

I’m from Buxar, Bihar. My father somehow managed to get me into Sainik School Sujanpur Tira, Himachal Pradesh, selling lands, my mother’s jewelry, etc. I was at Sainik School Sujanpur Tira, Himachal Pradesh (School Roll No. 2908, 33rd Batch). I left the school when I found myself medically unfit for NDA after class 10th and came back to Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh to prepare for NEET. After preparing for the 1 year in class 11th, I found that am preparing but my inner piece was not there to support me in what I was doing. Though I started a YouTube channel named – ‘Leo Tech Support’ somehow my studies were affected and I got 36 in Physics 12th, 57 in chemistry 12th, and 63 in Bio 12th along with 54 in Math. It hurt my parents a lot and somewhere I was too depressed.

While I was doing YouTube, my relatives and parents totally disagreed same like others but I was fully confident that It will become successful and after that everything will be sorted out. While doing YouTube I was also providing technical help and small services like removing smartphone glitches, laptop technical glitches, YouTube training, creating a YouTube channel n maintaining it for others so I was fully excited and confident. But after the result of class 12th I was depressed and that day I decided to leave YouTube and continue studying so I deleted the channel (800+ Subs, $52 in Adsense, max view or viral video with 25K+ views, and total views approx 1 lac)

So I did join to Akash Institute and prepared for NEET but couldn’t continue after 3 months, I had visualized myself as a future billionaire (This is plain rhetoric, but it’s true). I left Akash and again started maintaining a YouTube channel for others (Being Physics) not starting mine, now I started earning, then started taking Tuition classes and added some more to my earnings.

Now I was independent and free to decide on my career. Some while working on YouTube I got to learn Graphic design thing and felt a deep interest in it. after 1 month I sold two Logos at the cost of 3250INR. Leading with the Graphic Design thing met Mr. Prashant Gupta (Owner, of Motion Picture Learners); A guy who helped me a lot, providing food, shelter, transport, and guidelines. I was to do as he guided but I had never felt like doing a job and this was the thing that made me separate from Mr. Gupta (Bhaiya).

At the YouTube time, I was doing that with one of my batchmates from Varanasi coachings – Ritesh Singh. Though his CBSE results were also affected his parents managed to get him UP Board results with good grades. Then he left for Allen, Kota but I was in Varanasi only. This time in 2018 I remembered him and he provided my her sister’s laptop to continue our own work. I started and after a few months, I visited Ritesh in Kota for a market analysis of the services I was preparing to launch. I then came back to Varanasi and talked to my parents but they denied it. I was so sure that I will make it and left Varanasi on 23rd April.

Now I started the work in Kota but had to struggle a lot being in Bihari to get some work. So here Ritesh did take care of finances, as he had much of it. Somehow I did my best and started taking projects from Instagram and then References and references and references. At the end of the year 2018, along with Ritesh launched the website QUILIVERY (www.quilivery.com), a grocery delivery website in Kota, Rajasthan. But we couldn’t market it due to lack of funds. Then comes the COVID time in 2019. here we realized the value of our website and again started working over but you know the Lockdowns and the other things which couldn’t let us do anything. But our design and development work was going nice.

After a few months, Ritesh separated and I was left only. During the COVID lockdown, my financial conditions were so bad that I saved myself by eating Parle-G and Water. I could borrow some money from my friends but I didn’t because I knew if I gonna get over these bad days so easily then the upcoming days will not be easy for me. But Yeah! after 4-5 days I got some health issues and weaknesses then I asked for a fundraiser in my School Organisation – AISAA – All India Sainik School Alumni; there I could collect 3550INR which saved me and then I got a social media management client from New Delhi – Embassy Electricals Pvt Ltd. I was getting projects and delivering value. Now I met Mr. Pawan Singh G who supported me a lot in building my career in Kota, Rajasthan. Though I was also putting my efforts and getting projects from Portugal, France, Spain, Yemen, Dubai, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, etc.

Now one of my schoolmates (Sr.) from the Sainik School Organisation helped me get a company incorporated – PQUKO SOFTWARES AND TECHNOLOGIES OPC PRIVATE LIMITED. Though I was getting good projects I was not getting that much growth. Like yes, it was good but not making 20-30k a month. Sometimes I crossed 60K a month. I convinced Ritesh about the growth and He came back and joined. But it was not an easy job to design/ Develop and it hits him always. Though we got 6 monthly contracts from FARMVEDA (IndiaFarm Private Limited) for Social Media Marketing. We also got a reference from my schoolmate for Himachal Pradesh Police Design work. In Jan 2022 I and Ritesh again separated but this time I chose my way and he chose his.

Now I was getting good projects and delivering quality making around 50-60k per month. It increased in April 2022 to 1 Lac+ and progressively 2lacs+ in August 2022. But there was no stability because I didn’t have a team, and was dependent on Freelancers so maintaining good quality, and good delivery timing was a big challenge. Now I got some work from SBI (DRM Office Kota), Also got a chance to design for IFFCO/IFFDC. Coming to September 2022 It fall suddenly and as I was unable to manage the deliveries on time the payment were also getting delayed.

So I got that I am in my expanding phase and looking for some good investment into my company. I was also looking for a good team to work with and grow together. If anybody is interested please call me at +91-8808726873 or send me an email at abhi@urbanfilters.in | Company website: www.urbanfilters.net

Abhishek Ranvijay Singh

Founder & CEO, Urban Filters